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Porsche 911 996 Owners Guide

The Prestige Super Car Company Porsche 911 996 Owners Guide to assist i known problems and fixes for Porsche 911's:-

I have noticed a little burst of white smoke on start up!

Dont panic, as this is normal on a Porsche 996. The white smoke is normally water vapour if it is Blue then this will be burning oil that has settled in the cylinders and this is also nothing to panic about. Check the water and oil levels and ensure there is no mixing (DO NOT DO THIS WHEN HOT).

The other point to mention here is that the mixture is excessively rich at startup after a brief run of the engine the smoke should stop.

Possible mexhanical problems is the Porsche Oil distributor. This is located on the drivers side on top the engine towards the flywheel and is difficult to replace without dropping the engine.

The Engine oil air separator directly affects the engine crankcase atmospher on all Porsche's from 1980 on including the current 986, 987, 996, 997, Caymen and Cayenne engines.
These are all positive crankcase type systems which uses a vacuum supplied from the intake manifold to collect and burn the residual combustion by-products.

This basically puts the air and a mixture of oil and fuels in the crankcase by running it through the engine again to help lower the overall vehicle emissions.


I have a white greasy substance in the engine oil cap?

This is most likely water and oil mixed due to short distance driving. You should look to see the colour of your coolant in your coolant expansion tank. Do not open unless the engine is dead cold.

Also check the engine dip stick oil look normal for emulsion.

4 Wheel Drive Transmission noise!

The Porsche 4 wheel drive system can be noisy and can sometimes hear it drone or whine at speeds.

This is not usually a problem. It will depend on the noise and you should monitor the noise and get it checked out if you have any concerns.


White smoke and backfire!

Get this to a garage and do not drive it hard as this may be a head issue.


Porsche Suspension Noise

Generally the Porsche Supension is very quite unless you hit a bump hard. The bushes are bonded to the suspension links and when these fail they expensive to replace.


If you at some point need to drop the engine consider the following as it is much better to do this with the engine out:-

Replace the belt and tension pulleys
Replace coolant hoses and coolant expansion tank (there is an upgrade)
Replace the water pump as these are prown to failure around 80k
Replace the clutch assembly if it has not already been replaced.
Upgrade the clutch fork
Replace the engine mounts
Fix any leaks or potential leaks

If you are in the need of spare parts here is the Porsche 996 Carrera Parts Catalog.

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